AccuCampus, how to restrict access to a location using tags?

AccuCampus, how to restrict access to a location using tags?


In AccuCampus we can restrict access to a location using Tags, so those users with or without a specific Tag will be able to see/use the location services/features. In this article, we describe how the process takes place. 


1-If our restriction will be based on the user having a specific Tag then we need to create that Tag firstly. To create a Tag go to Advanced Options--> Settings-->Tags:

1.1 Select  the most appropriate category for the new Tag and click the name(in this example we are using the "User Tag" category):

1.2 Click "Create Tag" and complete all information on the screen(in this example we are creating a Tag called LocationX_user):

2-Once the Tag has been created go to Advanced Options--> Settings-->Attendance Restriction:

2.1 Click "Create Restriction" (in this example we are showing LocationX only to those with the appropriate Tag that we created on step1)

3- Tag the appropriate users with the Tag, you can go to the General--> Users page:

3.1 Select/filter the right user and click on the name, once in the profile page click in "Edit User" highlighted below:

Note: There are other ways to add a tag to a user as you can see in this article:

3.2 In the Tags section add the appropriate Tag (as you can see highlighted below):

4- Try the outcome and review the process if needed.


In this article, we have reviewed how to restrict access to a location using Tags.