Accudemia: How do I add Center Hours in the system?

Accudemia: How do I add Center Hours in the system?

This article explains how to add center hours for your center in Accudemia.

1. Login with your System Admin account at the http:/<mycollege> website. Replace the <mycollege> with your domain.

2. Click Administration.

3. Click Offtimes.

4. Select the Center.

5. Choose Semester Mode.

NOTE: There are three modes to choose from. 
Merged Mode: This is a combination of Semester Mode and Exceptions Only. In this mode, a specific week will need to be chosen to edit. Additionally there is the option to display appointments.   In Merged Mode past weeks/dates cannot be edited.
Semester Mode: This is the default calendar edit mode. In this mode, off-times for the entire semester can be entered. This allows a center to determine their general operating hours for the entire semester.
Exceptions Only: This mode allows you to edit the off-times by setting exceptions to the “operating hours” on specific dates the Center, Classroom, or College will not be available.

6. If needed, change the Period.

7. Click Apply Filters

8. Click and drag over the times that the center should be unavailable. These highlighted areas are when the center is not open or available. A reason can be provided if desired. Tutors will now not be able to set schedules during these times and the Center will not allow Walk-ins or Appointments during these times.

TIP: If you do not see all the times you need then you'll want to visit the Administration > Control Panel > General > (Select the College-level) > Calendars section. From there you can set the “Start Time” and “End Time” to the outliers needed for the schedules. This is what that looks like:

NOTE: A general offtime is set at the college-level for all centers.  It can be adjusted by selecting the college-level when going to the Administration > offtimes section.