Accudemia: How do I add my Zoom PMI (Personal Meeting ID) in the "ConnectLink" field for Virtual Meetings?

Accudemia: How do I add my Zoom PMI (Personal Meeting ID) in the "ConnectLink" field for Virtual Meetings?


This article was written to help Tutors understand how they can simply add their Zoom PMI (Personal Meeting ID) in the "ConnectLink" field so that Students can connect to their personal meeting room every time they have a  virtual   appointment or walk-in with a Student using Accudemia.
CAUTION: This guide is not for those who are using the new "Zoom Integration" as that option has you authorize Zoom by logging into your account and giving Accudemia direct access to your Zoom account and allows Accudemia to create "Daily Sessions" to connect to in Zoom.  If your school does not have a Business or Educational Zoom account license or you are using a free Zoom account then this guide will be most helpful.  The Zoom Integration requires those specific kind of accounts so free accounts cannot use it properly.  Plus there is a lot more configuration needed to allow the "Zoom Integration" to work in Accudemia on your Administrators side so this option explained here is for the simple use of your Zoom PMI (Personal Meeting ID).


  1. Login to your Tutor Account at your schools Accudemia website (typically like ).

  2. Now click your name in the top-right and select Account in the options.

  3. Now go in another tab or window of your browser to https// and login to your account, select the Meetings > Personal Meeting Room section, and copy the Join URL from that screen or click the Copy the Invitation button.

    TIP: If you click the "Copy the invitation" button then you'll need to remove the extra text because all you need is the URL:
          Cindy Bright is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
          Topic: Cindy Bright's Personal Meeting Room
          Join Zoom Meeting
          Meeting ID: 955 672 0551
          Passcode: 3Zt4p3
  4. Now switch back to the Accudemia page with your Account showing and past the Join URL (PMI) from Zoom into the "ConnectLink" field.

  5. Click the Save Changes button at the top-right to complete this process.
You're all Done!  Now students should be able to schedule appointments or have walk-ins with you virtually.  If you are still having issues we ask that you reach out to your Center Administration.  You can do this from either the Help section in the top-right of Accudemia or find information on your institution's website.