Accudemia: How do I assign a scope to a System User?

Accudemia: How do I assign a scope to a System User?


In Accudemia, System Users can be restricted to specific scopes so that their permissions will only work on those sections of the college's Accudemia account. For example, a System User's scope can be set to the Math Center, meaning this user's permissions will only work with the Math Center. This article will explain how to assign a scope to a System User.

NOTE: Only a single scope can be assigned to a System User; they can either be assigned to a specific center, or have the entire college set as their scope, but they can't have two separate scopes assigned to them at once.


1. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts on the home page.

2. Search for the user by entering either their first name, last name, User ID, or role, then click on their name when it appears.

3. Select the "Security" tab on the pop-up screen, then fill in the "System User" checkbox if it isn't already.

4. Choose the "Scope" that the user will be assigned to from the list of extra options that appeared from filling in the System User checkbox.

5. Check that everything is correct, then scroll back up and click the Save Changes button.