Accudemia: How do I cancel an appointment or contact someone to help me do it?

Accudemia: How do I cancel an appointment or contact someone to help me do it?


In Accudemia, there are two ways to cancel accounts. It can either be done by contacting a Center admin and asking them to cancel it, or circumventing them by doing it manually. This article explains how to cancel an appointment using both of these methods.


Contact the Center Admin directly

1. Click the Help button on the top-right of the home page, then select Contact an Administrator.

TIP: The search bar can also be used to find answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Fill out the information with an email address, phone number, a clear description of the problem, then click the blue Send button when ready.

Accudemia will automatically send this information to a designated system administrator's email and Accudemia inbox.

The system admin's reply will appear in the inbox on Accudemia's home page, as well as the email linked to the account.

Manually canceling the appointment

If the system for contacting center admins was never enabled by the administration, then it may be necessary to manually cancel the appointment.

1. Navigate to Appointment > View All on the home page.

2. Search through the list of appointments, check the box beside the one that needs to be canceled, then click the Cancel button.

3. Click the red Yes button to confirm the cancellation on the pop-up message.

Once the appointment has been canceled, a green pop-up will appear on the top-right of the screen, confirming it.

NOTE: If neither of these options work, check the college's website for more information on how to find help.

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