Accudemia: How do I complete surveys?

Accudemia: How do I complete surveys?


In Accudemia, administrators and staff can create surveys for users to answer. Depending on how the administrators have set Accudemia up, surveys can appear to users when they:
  1. Sign out of a kiosk
  2. Sign in to Accudemia
  3. Click on a survey link
This article will explain how to gain access to these surveys, as well as how to complete them.


1. Signing out of a kiosk/sign-in station

When a user signs out of a Kiosk, a survey may sometimes appear. To complete these surveys, simply answer the questions, then click Save and Finish >.

2. Signing in to Accudemia

When logging in to Accudemia, there is a section devoted to surveys on the home page. These surveys are typically optional, but taking a few minutes to complete them is highly appreciated. Schools usually highly encourage all users to complete their surveys.

Mandatory surveys can also appear here. These will open in full screen when logging in to Accudemia, and cannot be exited out of until they're completed.

3. Surveys sent through email

Most surveys will trigger automatic reminders that are sent to users through their emails. Clicking the provided link in these emails will send the user to Accudemia to complete a survey.