Accudemia: How do I copy one tutor's schedule to other tutor(s)?

Accudemia: How do I copy one tutor's schedule to other tutor(s)?


Accudemia allows administrators to copy one tutor's schedule/calendar to another's. This is helpful if several tutors work in the same Subject Areas/Courses, as it speeds up the creation process of all their schedules. These copied schedules can also be edited, so if the tutors work at different times, they can be adjusted to match those times. This article will explain how to copy one tutor's schedule and paste it to all other tutors (or specific tutors).


Copy a tutor's schedule

1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Tutors Schedule on the home page.

2. Search for a tutor to copy their schedule by using the filter options, then click the blue Apply Filters button.

3. Click the Copy button on the top right of the screen once the tutor has been found.

Paste the schedule to all tutors

Select the "Copy this schedule to all other schedules" option beside Destination(s).

Paste the schedule to specific tutors

1. Select the "Let me select the destination schedules" option, then click the blue # selected button to view a list of tutors.

2. Choose which tutors will share the schedule that was copied earlier, then click the green Use Selected button.

There is a search function above the tutor names so that they can be found faster.

For both options

1. Enable the "Automatically assign subject areas used in this schedule" option, then click the Accept button.

This will ensure that all tutors being copied in on this schedule share the same subject areas so that there aren't any issues later when a student tries to set up a meeting with them.

2. Click the red Yes button to finalize the copying process for all the selected tutors.

From here, if there are any small differences between each tutor, like the days that they work, edit them on an individual basis.