Accudemia: How do I create a test Virtual Kiosk using Google Meet?

Accudemia: How do I create a test Virtual Kiosk using Google Meet?


Virtual Kiosks (also called virtual links) are links that can be created in Accudemia to send students to online sessions on other websites. This article will specifically focus on how to create a Virtual Kiosk that sends students to online sessions in Google Meet.

NOTE: Begin this test by signing in as an administrator to create the Virtual Kiosk, then test it by signing in on a student account.


1. Navigate to Google Meet at

2. Click the New Meeting button.

3. Select Start an instant meeting from the menu that appears.

4. Copy the URL and minimize this window, but do not close it.

1. Open Accudemia, then navigate to Center Attendance > Virtual Sign-In.

2. Select the Center.

3. Paste the link that was copied from Google Meet into the "Connect Link" text box.

4. Click the Create Session Link > button at the bottom of the page.

5. Copy the Virtual Link URL.

Accessing the Virtual Kiosk as a student

1. Open the browser's version of Incognito Mode (so Accudemia can be logged in to on a separate account), sign in to Accudemia as a student, then paste the copied virtual link into the URL bar.

2. Click the Sign-In > button.

3. Select a Service from the list, then click Next > (the next few steps may be different depending on how administrators set it up, but the process is the same).

4. Select a course, then click Next >.

5. Select a preferred tutor, then click Next >.

6. Click OK > at the end of the remote sign-in.

7. Click the Launch Session button.

The system will redirect the student to the Google Meet link that was created at the beginning of this article.

The tutor can now allow the student into the virtual room for an online session.