Accudemia: How do I give tutors the permission to edit appointments and set students as "Show" or "No Show?"

Accudemia: How do I give tutors the permission to edit appointments and set students as "Show" or "No Show?"


In Accudemia, users have different security roles so that they only have access to the modules and features they need. There are four security roles: Students, Tutors, Instructors, and System Users. Tutors don't start with the ability to edit appointments, however, administrators can give them the permissions to do so. This is especially helpful for online sessions, as these tutors will also be able to match appointments to session logs. This article will explain how to give tutors the ability to mark students as "show" or "no show" for their appointments.

NOTE: These changes will need to be made for every tutor that requires them.

Giving tutors the permission to edit appointments will grant them full administrative power over all appointments, meaning they will be able to access and edit every appointment made.


Assigning tutors the permission to edit appointments

1. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts on the home page.

2. Select a tutor by clicking on their name.

TIP: Use the filters on the left to narrow down a search for a specific tutor.

3. Click the "Security" tab, then beside "Roles" check the "System User" box.

4. Scroll down the permissions which just appeared and fill in the "Appointments Administrator" checkbox.

5. Scroll back up and click the blue Save Changes button.

Testing the feature

Give these permissions to a tutoring test account and follow these steps to make sure it works as intended.

1.  Navigate to Center Attendance > Appointments > View all, then select one from the list and click the Edit Presence button.

TIP: Use the filter section to find specific appointments faster.

2. Select either "Mark as Show" / "Mark as No Show," then choose the login from the Session logs for this appointment and click the Save button.

NOTE: Session logs mark when a student logged into the system. Typically, there will only be a log if the student showed for the appointment. If the student is a no show, usually there won't be a login attempt to choose from, and this step can be skipped.