Accudemia: How do I import profile photos using ADX?

Accudemia: How do I import profile photos using ADX?


Using ADX you can import your user's profile-photo,  in this article we describe how to do this and how to troubleshoot the process to locate and fix any error we might have.  As a prerequisite, your photos must be in any common image format such as JPG or PNG, the folder containing the photos must be accessible at the time of the imports.


1 - Open ADX and log in using your domain and credentials.  Click "New Import Job" or click in the View Details link of an existing Import and then click on "Edit Job":

2 - Click Next in the Welcoming screen:

3 - Besides selecting the CSV containing the data you must make sure to click on "Photo Directory" and navigate to the folder where the photos are located, then click Next:

4 - In the mappings screen make sure to include the "Student's Photo" field, it needs to match to the CSV column with the photo file information:

5 - Try the import, if you can see the profile photos correctly in the User's Profile page then it is all done, if you do not see the photos then go to the next chapter to troubleshoot the issue.
What if we get an error in ADX about been impossible to download the photos?
     There might be several causes for the error, lets review a few of them:
      1 - You have no read-write access to the folder containing the photos:
     To solve this issue go to the folder and provide read and write access for the user that ADX is using will run the import,
      if you can not do this or you do not want to do it then you can create a sub-folder and name it the same as your import
      job ID, then provide read and write access only to that folder while only provide read access to the main folder. Another
      method would be to create an automatic method such as a .BAT file that creates a local copy of the photo folder, then
      change ADX to feed on that local copy instead of the original folder.

      2 - Your images have the wrong format:
     To solve this issue make sure your photo images have the proper format such as JPG or PNG, you can try to convert
     them from the current format to one of those if needed.