Accudemia: How do I integrate Google Meet?

Accudemia: How do I integrate Google Meet?


Accudemia allows for the use of meeting links to conference programs, like Zoom and Google Meet. However, Google Meet doesn't use a static URL for their meetings, meaning a new URL has to be made for every meeting. This is done through the Google calendar by setting up a meeting on a specific date. This will create a meeting link that can then be used in Accudemia in three different ways.

It can be used to:
  1. create an online kiosk
  2. link to a specific tutor
  3. link to a specific appointment
This article will explain how to create a Google Meet link via the Google calendar and connect it to all three of these methods.


Creating the appointment in Google Meet

1. Navigate to the Google calendar and select the date and time when the appointment should take place.

2. Click the Add video conferencing button and select Google Meet.

3. Click the Copy conference info button to the right of the Join with Google Meet button.

Now that the link has been created and copied, it can be used in Accudemia in the three following ways.

1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Virtual Sign-in on the Accudemia home page.

2. Paste the meeting link (copied in step 3 of "Creating the appointment in Google Meet) into the "Connect Link" text field.

3. Fill out the rest of the information, then click the Create Session Link > button.

Now, all students who use this virtual session will be directed to Google Meet.

Links can be assigned to specific tutors by pasting them into their profiles. To do so:

1. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts.

2. Search for the tutor, and click on their name.

3. Under the "General" tab, paste the Google Meet link in the "Connect Link" box, then click Save Changes.

Now, all students will use this Google Meet link to meet with this specific tutor online.

The meeting link can also be assigned to a specific appointment by pasting it into the appointment's notes.

1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Appointments > View All.

2. Select the appointment by clicking the checkbox beside it, then click the Notes button.

3. Paste the Google Meet link into the text field, then click the + Add note button.

To make Accudemia treat the notes as a URL, a setting needs to be enabled by an administrator. In addition, the tutor must leave the "Connect Link" text field on their profile blank for this method to work properly.

The setting can be found by going to Administration > Control Panel > Virtual Sessions and choosing the college as a scope. Then, enable the "Show appointment notes made before the start time if no Connect Link was specified" feature.

Now, users will see a message prompting them to click a link at the start of the appointment.