Accudemia: How do I link my Accudemia account to Microsoft's Outlook?

Accudemia: How do I link my Accudemia account to Microsoft's Outlook?


Accudemia supports integration with Outlook which provides several features:
  1. Automatically syncs appointments made in Accudemia to Outlook's calendar.
  2. Automatically updates availability in Accudemia when an event is added in Outlook.
  3. Reschedules appointments made in Outlook through Accudemia (only date, time, and duration).
  4. Cancels appointments made in Outlook through Accudemia.
This article explains how tutors link their Outlook calendars with Accudemia.  


1. Click on the account name's dropdown menu on the top-right of the home page and select "Connect to Outlook 365."

2. Click the blue Connect to Outlook 365 button.

3. Log in to Microsoft's system, or create a new account. 

4. Check the "Consent on behalf of your organization" box, then click the blue Accept button.

5. Select a calendar from the dropdown under "Send new appointments to calendar."

TIP: The default "Calendar" is the suggested choice unless instructed otherwise.

Outlook's calendar will now be linked to Accudemia, and any changes made in one will affect the other. For more information on how to test the integration, click here.

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