Accudemia: How do I match a failed sign in attempt log to a user?

Accudemia: How do I match a failed sign in attempt log to a user?


Accudemia will record every failed attempt to sign into its systems in "standby mode." This is so that administrators can match the failed attempt to one of their college's users for recording purposes. This article will explain how to activate standby mode if it isn't already, how to find the failed log, and how to match that log with a user.


Activating the feature

1. Navigate to Administration > Control Panel.

2. Select the "General" module.

3. Select the Center as a scope and click View Settings.

4. Click "Sign-In Options" on the left side of the screen and enable the "Record in standby" feature.

This feature is enabled by default, but it's possible that another administrator might have deactivated it at some point. Be sure to enable it if it isn't already.

Finding the failed log

1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Stand-by Logs.

This is where all the failed logs are stored for the Center. If there are several logs, the search function on the left can be used to locate the log faster.

2. Use the search function on the left if necessary and find the failed sign-in log.

Matching the failed log with a user

1. Open another tab on the web browser and navigate to Center Attendance > Session Logs.

2. Use the filters to find a user who had a session in the same Center and compare the times and ID numbers to match them.

3. Click the log ID back on the "Stand-by Logs" screen.

4. Search for the user that was found in the Session Logs screen, select their name, then click Finish at the bottom of the screen.