Accudemia: How do I reschedule/restore a cancelled appointment?

Accudemia: How do I reschedule/restore a cancelled appointment?


Canceled appointments in Accudemia can be restored by rescheduling them at a later date. This article will explain how to reschedule a canceled appointment.


1. Navigate to Center Attendance > Appointments > View All.

2. Enable the "Show Canceled" option in the search tool, look for the appointment and click the checkbox beside it, then click the Re-schedule button.

3. Click the Show Schedule button, then select a block of time to reschedule the canceled appointment to.

NOTE: The chosen block of time needs to be in the future for it to reschedule properly.

4. Click the checkbox beside the time slot to reserve it, then click Next.

5. Double-check that all the information is correct, then click Finish.

6. Click Yes on the confirmation screen to reschedule the canceled appointment.

Restoring the appointment will not break any of the following Appointment Restrictions:
  1. Back-to-Back restrictions (the restored appointment cannot begin within the restricted time frame set by the Back-to-Back rule).
  2. Users must be allowed to restore appointments.
  3. Users must be allowed to create appointments.

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