Accudemia: How do I send personalized messages containing session comments?

Accudemia: How do I send personalized messages containing session comments?


In Accudemia, Tutors and Instructors can add information about specific sessions using the Session Log Screen and the Session comments feature. This article explains how to add those comments, and how to retrieve information in a report that can also be scheduled and sent to all participants in these sessions.


1. How to add comments to sessions

In order to add a comment to a particular session, a Tutor or Instructor has to click on Center Attendance > Session Logs.

While in the Session Logs screen, the User must search for a specific log in the list, and follow these instructions:
  1. Select the log
  2. Click the Comments button
  3. Type in the Comment and/or add attachments as needed
  4. Click the  + Add Comment  button

2. How to report on the Session Comments

Go to the  Reports menu and select the Session Comments option.

Use the filters as needed to narrow down the results. Then on the right, specify the file format of the report (The options are PDF, XLS, CSV). To show the User ID or create a group from the Students in the report, click on their respective checkboxes. 

Can click the View Report button to see the report immediately, click the Schedule Report button to produce a reoccurring report automatically at a later time.

In order to schedule the report click on Schedule Report and set a name for the scheduled report.
TIP: Use a name that describes the report and the recurrence, like "Daily session-comments" 

3. Choose when the report updates

Set when the report will update. Choose the frequency (Daily/Weekly/Monthly), as well as what time in the day it will report.

4. Choosing recipients

The Recipients tab allows multiple options when sending specific information based on User status, like Instructors, Tutors, Students, etc. Also, if it needs to be sent to a group like "all active students," set the option to "specific people" or "specific email-addresses." In the Report Options tab, there will be an option for Students.

Review the recipient's list:
  1. Select "My primary email address" to type-in an email address.
  2. Select "All active instructors" to send personalized reports to each instructor who appears in the report.
  3. Select "All active tutors" to send personalized reports to each tutor who appears in the report.
  4. Select "Specific people" to select a list of people as the target of the report. 
  5. Select "Specific email addresses" to select a list of emails as the target of the report.

5. Select Report Options

Enable each option as needed.

6. Review the report

The last screen will show all of the report's details. Click Finish to complete, or Preview to go back and make changes.