Accudemia: How do I send surveys to specific students or student groups?

Accudemia: How do I send surveys to specific students or student groups?


Accudemia offers the ability to create groups, as well as surveys that can be sent to other users in the system. These two features can be combined so that a group can be created and used in survey creation to quickly select the intended users the survey is meant for. This article will explain how to create a group, and how to use it in creating a survey.


Creating the group

1. Click on "Reports" on the home screen, scroll down to "Center Attendance," then click "Attendance by Student."

2. Create the group by:
  1. Choosing the date range as well as who to fit into the report under "Filter Results."
  2. Fill in the "Create Group" checkbox under "Output Options."
  3. Finish by clicking on either the View Report or Schedule Report buttons.

Naming the group

Now that the group has been created it requires a name. 

1. Navigate to Administration > User Groups on the home page.

2. Fill in the "Report Generated" checkbox on the left side of the screen, then click on the report that was just created.

3. Select users from the list who should be involved in the survey, then change the name of the group and click the Save Changes button.

Setting up the survey

Once the Student Group has been created, a survey can be made to target the members of that group.

1. Navigate to Administration > Surveys on the home page.

2. Either click the + New Survey button or hover over another survey and click the Clone button to avoid creating a new questionnaire.

3. Give the survey a new name, then choose a Start and End date under "Advanced Settings."

4. Select "Manual" beside "Display to user," then click the Select Group button.

5. Search for the group name created earlier, then select it.

6. Create the questions and answers (skip if cloned) on the "Questionnaire" tab, then click the Save Changes button.

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