Accudemia: How do I troubleshoot appointments to find out why students can't meet with their tutors?

Accudemia: How do I troubleshoot appointments to find out why students can't meet with their tutors?


Managing appointments is a major functionality in Accudemia, but sometimes the system will refuse to allow specific students to create meetings with specific tutors. This is usually due to restrictions, rules, and associations that have been set by administrators. This article will run through a checklist of settings to find the reason why a student isn't able to connect with a tutor.


Check the tutor

1. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts on the navigation menu at the top of the home page.

2. Ensure that the tutor's status is set to Active.

3. Navigate to Center Attendance > Tutor Schedule on the home page and see whether the tutor's schedule is open at the time of the appointment.

4. Use the filters to search for the tutor.

5. Check the Scheduled blocks to see whether the tutor is available or not.

NOTE: More information on tutor schedules can be found here.

6. Navigate to Center Attendance > Tutor Schedule and check whether the maximum number of attendees is set.

If the max number of attendees is being reached, additional students won't be able to join. For example, if the maximum number of attendees was set to 1 and a student meets with their tutor, no one else can gain entry. Additionally, check which Courses/Services have been made available for that specific block in the schedule. It could be that tutors aren't able to offer certain services when the students are requesting them.

7. Finally, navigate to Center Attendance > Daily Viewer and check how many appointments have been set for that block.

If the maximum number of users per block was set to 1, and that limit was reached, then other students applying for that time slot would be blocked from doing so.

If the tutor is using Office 365

The tutor could have scheduled events on their Office 365 account that are interfering with their availability in Accudemia. To fix this:

1. Navigate to the tutor's account name > Connect to O365.

2. Click the View Synced Events button.

3. Check if there are any conflicting events set on the same day and time that the student wishes to meet with the tutor.

For Students

1. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts at the top of the home page.

2. Ensure that the student's status is set to Active.

3. Navigate to Administration > User Accounts.

4. Search for the student, then click the Enrollment tab.

5. Ensure that the student is enrolled in the same courses that the tutor is assigned to.

6. Navigate to Administration > Control Panel > Appointments and scroll down to check whether the student has met the cap for appointments under "Maximum Number per Week."

7. Check whether the "No-show" count limit has been exceeded under "No-show restrictions."

NOTE: This will be right below "Maximum Number per Week" in Appointments.

8. Navigate to Administration > Restriction > Student - Tutor Association and search for the student.

NOTE: The last thing to do is check whether the student has any restrictions preventing their appointment from happening. If they don't have any restrictions, double-check that the Restrictions button on the top-right of the screen is set to "Disable Restrictions" in red text.  Otherwise, it will apply all general restrictions set by admins to this student, and that may accidentally cause the student to be blocked from setting appointments.

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