Accudemia: How do I troubleshoot my scheduled imports/exports?

Accudemia: How do I troubleshoot my scheduled imports/exports?


This article was created to help discover why a scheduled or automated import/export stopped working in Accudemia. Usually, the error is related to a permission or configuration. For example, sometimes network policies are changed and this renders the user stored in the Task Scheduler unable to connect to the network drive. Sometimes the required encryption protocols are not enabled.

Fix One

If other jobs are running successfully, go to the Windows Task Scheduler and duplicate the "Security" options from one of the import/export jobs that are currently working to the import/export job that doesn't work.

Fix Two

Try disabling and enabling the import or export job in ADX itself. Be sure to set the "Security" options directly from the Windows Task Scheduler again.

Fix Three

Try adjusting the Scheduled Task to run at another time. For example, 5:10 AM instead of 5:00 AM. This may help if multiple jobs are running at the same time, as they may accidentally interfere with one another.

If the problem persists, message the college's Technical Contact(s) and have them submit a ticket to Accudemia's support team.