Accudemia: How do I use Webex as streaming platform?

Accudemia: How do I use Webex as streaming platform?


Webex is one of the streaming platforms that can be linked to Accudemia for online sessions. This article will explain how to link Webex to a tutor's account, as well as how to test that meeting link to ensure it's working.


1. Log in to Webex and navigate to the "My Personal Room" tab.

2. Copy the "Personal Room link" URL.

3. Log into Accudemia and navigate to Administration > User Accounts on the home page.

4. Find the tutor in the User Accounts list who will be using this Webex link and click on their name.

5. Paste the Webex link in the "Connect Link" text field, then click the Save Changes button.

The Webex link should be tested to ensure it's working correctly. Do this by creating an online appointment with the tutor and joining it.

1. Log in to Accudemia on a test student account, navigate to Quick > New Appointment, then create an online appointment with the tutor.

2. Click the Join Session button in the "Upcoming Appointments" widget on the home page.

If the link is working as intended, it should lead to the Webex meeting.