AccuTrack/AccuSQL: How to Set Recurring Appointments for Students

AccuTrack/AccuSQL: How to Set Recurring Appointments for Students

Step 1:      Click on the Set Appointments module

Step 2:      Click on the Appointment Wizard button

Step 3:      Select a Category
                  Select an Activity
                  Select a Tutor or View all tutors
                  Select the Day(s) for the appointment
                  Select the Period, From, and To
                  Click Next Page
In this example, we will set a recurring appointment on Wednesdays between December 1st, 8 AM to December 31st, 11:59 PM

Step 4:      You will see the schedules of all Tutors available within the appointment period parameters
                  Select a Tutor
                  Select a Time Slot
                  Click Next
In this example, we have selected the recurring appointment with Tutor, Tom Cruise on Wednesdays at 10 AM

Step 5:      Select the Start Time
                  Select the Duration
                  Select the Appointment Dates
                  Click Set
In this example, we have selected 10 AM for 60 minutes duration on every Wednesday in December

Step 6:      Select the Student Name
                  Move the Student to the Selected section by clicking  >
                  Click Add Students

You may see the Encountered policy violations message if the student you selected for the appointment is not registered for the class they will be receiving tutoring for. Click OK-Override violations and record to override the policy violation

Step 7:      Enter Appointment short note
                  Click OK

You will see the room selection pop-up if your institution has dedicated tutoring rooms. Select the rooms and click Done. If your institution does not have dedicated tutoring rooms, you will not see this pop-up

Step 8:      Print slips with the appointment detail information 
                  Click Cancel to proceed without printing

Step 9:      Click OK