Conference Tracker: How do I create and manage surveys?

Conference Tracker: How do I create and manage surveys?


Administrators can create and send surveys to attendees in Conference Tracker. These surveys work similarly to polls but surveys can be given as many questions as needed, and they can be scheduled to release on specific dates. Additionally, administrators can copy, edit, unpublish, delete, and view the results of surveys. This article will explain how to create and manage surveys.


1. Navigate to Surveys > Manage Surveys.

2. Click the Create button to begin creating a survey.

All the surveys that have already been created are viewable on this page. Clicking the ... button beside each survey will open the following options.
  1. Publish: Only available if the survey hasn't been published, or scheduled to be published. This option will publish the survey immediately.
  2. Unpublish - Only available if the survey has been published and no one has replied to it yet. This will unpublish the survey immediately and allow for edits to be made.
  3. View Results - Only available if the survey was published and at least 1 user has replied to it. This option will reveal the results of the survey.
  4. Copy - Copies the chosen survey and creates a new one. This is useful for recreating a survey with a few edited choices.
  5. Delete - Deletes the chosen survey.

3. Type in the following information:
  1. Name: Write a name for the survey.
  2. Description: Write a description of what the survey is trying to achieve.
  3. Audience: Choose who will see the survey. This could be every attendee in the conference, a specific attendee group, every attendee registered to a session, or every attendee checked in to a session.
  4. Time Limit: Set a time limit for the survey. If the time runs out, the audience will no longer be able to answer it. (Optional)
  5. Anonymous Answers: Decide whether the survey will be anonymous or not. The survey will only display the data.
  6. Show Results to Respondents: Decide whether to allow attendees to view the answers given by other attendees.

4. Choose the Background and Foreground colors.

5. Schedule when the survey will publish and become available to its audience.

Leaving this field blank will not publish the survey upon creation. The survey will need to be manually published as described in step 2.

6. Choose what type of questions the audience will answer from the following list:
  1. Open Text: Allows the audience to type in their own answers.
  2. Multiple Choice: Audiences choose from a list of predetermined options.
  3. Image Choice: Similar to Multiple Choice, but images can be added to the question.
  4. 5 Stars: Audiences answers based on a star system, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.
  5. 3 Levels of Satisfaction: Similar to the 5 Stars option, this allows the audience to pick one of three levels of satisfaction. The presets are "Happy," "Satisfied," and "Unhappy."
  6. Thumbs Up or Down: Allows the audience to pick between a thumbs up or thumbs down.

NOTE: Create additional questions by clicking the + Add question button.

7. Review the survey, then click Save Changes.

Survey Creation Example

Watch the following gif for a visual example of how to create a basic survey.

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