Conference Tracker - How do I create Attendance Logs?

Conference Tracker - How do I create Attendance Logs?


In Conference Tracker administrators can manually create Attendance Logs, this is very useful in the case for some reason participants could not scan their badges. It can also work to update information that was entered by mistake.


1-Go to Attendance--> Manage Attendance:

2-In the Attendance Logs select "Create":

3-Creating the Attendance entries:

Now in the first section, we must select the Attendee and the Session:

Then below we must select the swipes IN/OUT pertaining to this Attendance Log(if any), otherwise we must create each swipe from scratch by clicking the blue + button:

3.1-Select Attendee:
3.2-Select Session:

3.3-Swipes IN.
3.4-Swipe OUT.

3.5-Click "Save Changes" to record all the information.

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