Conference Tracker- How do I manage Surveys?

Conference Tracker- How do I manage Surveys?


With the Surveys section, you can create and send surveys containing multiple questions to your Attendees. These work very similarly to Polls, but the key difference is that it allows you to insert as many questions as you would like, as opposed to the one-question Poll. You can also schedule your Surveys to go out at specific dates and times. Surveys are good to use to obtain feedback from your Attendees.
 In this article, we discuss how to manage the different Surveys in Conference Tracker, to learn how to create new Surveys click here:


1- Go to Surveys--> Manage Surveys:

In the Manage Surveys section, you will be able to view, create and publish your surveys.  Here, you will have a few options to access:

Create - This option will allow you to create your polls. More information on this can be found here:

* View Results - This option will allow you to view all results from your surveys. 
After using this option you will have access to those surveys that had at least 1 respondent, for example, this one:

Click "View Results" to have access to the results:

2- Search Filters -

With search filters, you can filter out specific surveys by picking different options. This is useful if you quickly want to find a specific survey.

You can filter the table using the survey status field and/or the audience the surveys are addressed to:

2.1 - The status filter:

Select an option from the list:
1-Any status: It shows all surveys no matter their status, it is the default value.
2-Not published: 

2.2 - The audience filter:

    1- Any audience: this is the unfiltered/default value.
    3-Group: When selecting this option an extra field shows so you can select/search for the group you want to filter with:

    4-Registered to session: When selecting this option an extra field shows so you can select/search for the session you want to use as a filter:

    5-Signed-in to a session:  When selecting this option an extra field shows so you can select/search for the session you want to use as a filter:

3-Surveys list options:

For each row/Poll there are additional options clicking the 3 dots to the right of the row:

    3.1- Unpublish/Publish: Use this option to publish the survey or take it offline.
    3.2- Copy: Use this option to create a clone from this survey, this is useful to create a similar survey using other as starting point, you can edit the cloned survey and make changes as needed.
    3.3-Delete: Use this option to erase this survey, this operation is definite so the survey can not be recovered later.

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