Conference Tracker: How do I manually add Groups?

Conference Tracker: How do I manually add Groups?


Administrators in Conference Tracker can create and manage Groups. Groups are used to organize attendees into different categories to make use of Conference Tracker's other features. For example, a Group for veterans could be created and use to design specific badges for them. This article will explain how to create a Group, as well as how to manage one.


Creating the Group

1. Navigate to Attendees > Groups.

2. Click the Create button.

3. Enter the Group's basic information, then click Save Changes.

Managing Group members

Navigate to the Group's main page and click on the ... button to the right of the Group name.

Manage the Group by clicking any of the three options:
Members: View all members, add new members, or delete existing ones.
Print QR Labels: Generate QR codes for all members of the Group, or use the filters to generate codes for specific members of the Group.
Delete: Delete the Group.

 WARNING: Once the Group has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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