Accudemia: How can I add a new User to my account?

Accudemia: How can I add a new User to my account?

1. Login with your System Admin account at the http:/<mycollege> website. Replace the <mycollege> with your domain.

2. Click Administration.

3. Click User Accounts.

4. Click All Accounts or click one of the existing roles (Students, Advisers, Instructors, or System Users.)

5. Click Create New.

6. Enter a unique User ID.

Warning: If the user ID you are saving is already in the database, you will see a red warning icon, and you will not be allowed to save the duplicate ID.

7. If desired, set a password for the user.

Note:  The password is not needed for Students only performing a sign-in to a Center.  The password is only needed for Tutors/Staff, Instructors, and System Users who will login to the back-end of Accudemia to manage the system.  If you eventually allow Students to login to create their own appointments they may need a password if you choose not to use the Single Sign-On (SSO) process developed for Accudemia.

8. Enter a First Name, Middle Name and Last Name for the user. If desired, enter comments, gender and birth date.

9. Enter contact information for the user.

Note:  The e-mail can be made required in the account settings but is not by default.  However, it is recommended to fully utilize the Email Appointment Reminders and other system notifications in Accudemia.

10. Select the user role or roles.

11. Depending on role, more options will appear at the top of the page. These can be edited at any time once the user is created.

Student Role

Adviser Role

Instructor Role

System User Role

12. Click Save Changes.

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