How can I configure the Attendance Rules in AccuClass to mark my Students Present, Tardy, or Absent based on their Swipes?

How can I configure the Attendance Rules in AccuClass to mark my Students Present, Tardy, or Absent based on their Swipes?

  1. Login to your AccuClass account using your Admin credentials you setup at .
  2. On the Home screen/Main Menu scroll down to the Advanced Options and click the Settings link.

  3. Now in this section click the [Customize] link next to the Attendance Statuses section.
  4. Next, You should see a section that list of all the Available Statuses followed by the Selection Rules section as displayed below.

  5. At this point you'll change the Attendance Statuses in the Selection Rules to match the way you want the Attendance Statuses assigned to the Students when they sign-in.  As an example if my students were being marked "Tardy" I would pay particular attention to any of these Attendance Rules that assign the "Tardy" status to the Students.  Maybe this is because 10-15 minutes is too short or maybe you don't care if they are tardy and you want to change that rule to assign a different Attendance Status instead.
  6. Finally once you have the Attendance Statuses and Selection Rules setup the way you think would make the most sense for your tracking needs click the Save button at the bottom of this page.

    Note: If I make any changes to these rules and I want these new Attendance Rules to retroactively be applied to the Classes I have tracked this Semester then I would need to check the last option on this screen entitled "Automatically re-process attendance for semester X when saving these settings."  where "X" would be for all the Classes in the Semesters you want these to be applied to in AccuClass.  If you have multiple semesters you would have to do this once per Semester that the rules need to be reapplied.  As well it may take the system up to 15 minutes to process this request dependent on the amount of Classes in each Semester that it has to process.

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