How do I create / edit a session log in AccuCampus?

How do I create / edit a session log in AccuCampus?

Session Logs are automatically created when a user signs in via a sign-in station; however, they can also be created manually. This is useful for those locations without sign-in stations, or for when a user forgets to sign-in. If you have the permissions, you will be able to update and add to session logs at any time, even once the session has ended.

1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Center Visits.

2. Click All Session Logs.

3. Click Create Log.

4. Enter the User – this is the subject of the session log. If the user is unknown, it is still possible to create a Session Log. You will need to check User Unknown.

5. Select the role the user should be Signed-In As. The role can either be Attendee or Staff.

6. Select the user’s Role.

7. Select the Location where the log takes place.

8. If applicable, select the Course/Seminar that the log is in reference to.

9. If applicable, select the Service that the log is in reference to.

10. Select the Staff that the user is meeting with.

11. Add the In and Out times for the meeting. Remember to click the green plus button to save both the in and out swipes.

12. Click Save Log.

13. If desired, add Comments to the log. These can be kept private, or shared with the user.

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