How do I memorize a report in AccuCampus?

How do I memorize a report in AccuCampus?

Once a report has been run, you are able to memorize the report. This allows you to easily re-run the report without having to edit the filters again.

1. To memorize a report, click on the desired report.

2. Set the reporting period. This could be a specific semester or a custom date range.

3. Set the filters as desired. The filters available depend on the report.

4. Click Save Report.

5. A pop-up box will appear. The name of the original report will display.

6. Select the default format that the report should run in.

7. Enter a custom name for the report. This will help you identify the report when you run it again.

8. Enter a custom description for the report. This will help you identify the report if you save several similar reports.

9. Click Save.
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