How do I regulate times and numbers of appointments attended per week

How do I regulate times and numbers of appointments attended per week in AccuCampus?

Within AccuCampus you are able to restrict appointments by a maximum total number of appointments per week and/or by a maximum number of hours spent in appointments per week.

1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Advanced Options.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Appointments.

4. Choose the Scope to edit settings for. The default is Account, which controls the global settings for all locations. To change the scope, click Change and select the Location you want to edit settings for. Make sure to click Set Scope
 once the location is selected.

Restrict by Number of Appointments Per Week

5a. Scroll down to Maximum appointments per week.

5b. Set a maximum number of appointments that a staff member or student may make per week.

Restrict by Total Appointment Time Per Week

6a. Scroll down to Maximum appointment time per week.

6b. Set a maximum number of hours a staff member or student may schedule appointments for per week.

7. Click Save.

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