How do I Search for appointments?

AccuCampus: How do I search for appointments?

Searching for Appointments 

Hover onto the Appointments symbol and select Make Appointment.


Once Make Appointment is selected you will be brought to the Search Available Slots page. This page allows you to make appointments based on availability.

1. Search by Service 

Search for open slots by services or location. For this article we will show the more popular option, Search by Service.

Clicking on the Search by Service Icon brings you directly to the search bar. Here, typing terms like Advising or FAFSA will present you with a list of locations in which you can schedule appointments for these services. Once you choose your location, click "Make Appointment."


2. Search by Location 

Clicking on the Search by Location icon will bring you directly to the location search bar. Here, typing in common location like writing center or academic advising can provide you with a list of locations on campus. The populated search results will look very similar to the search by service page as demonstrated above. 

Note: If you are having trouble coming up with a search term, a list of the most popular searched locations for your campus can be found below the search bar.  

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