How do I set up a stop execution rule in AccuCampus?

How do I set up a stop execution rule in AccuCampus?

Note: This article explains how to set up a stop execution rule within AccuCampus. Stop execution rules are used when a user should receive a message after being prevented from taking an action within the system. A typical use case would be if a user attempted to sign in to a location where they did not meet the attendance restriction. The user would be blocked from signing in, and would receive a message on the sign-in screen notifying them that they are blocked from that location.

1. From the Main Sidebar, hover over Advanced Options.

 2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on Rules.

4. Click on Create New.

5. Enter a unique and specific Name and Description for your rule.

6. Check Active. If this is left unchecked, the rule will not be used by the system.

7. Select a Trigger for the rule. The trigger tells the system when to apply the rule.

8a. Set the Conditions for the rule. This tells the system how to apply the rule.


8b. To add more than one condition, click the And or Or  buttons and enter the next condition. To remove a condition, click the X button.

9. Click Add Action. The Action tells the system what to do when the trigger and conditions are met.

Warning: From this point forward, only click within the text boxes. Clicking anywhere else on the page will cause these dialogue boxes to close and all work within them will be lost.

10. Select Stop Execution as the action.

11. Enter the Message that will display to the user when the prohibited action takes place. The default message is "Action denied by administrative rule. Contact an administrator for support."

12. Click Save.

13. Click Save.

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