AccuTrack: How to create a blank Database in AccuTrack

AccuTrack: How to create a blank Database in AccuTrack

Step 1:  Go to the Windows Start menu search or Cortana search bar, type in “File Explorer”, and select the File Explorer application in the search results to launch it

Step 2:  Navigate to the file location for AccuTrack.  You can use the address bar and type in the path.  The default path for AccuTrack 2018 is:  “C:\Program Files (x86)\Accu2018

If you selected a different path to install AccuTrack 2018 to, than use that path instead.

Step 3:  Copy the AccuData file folder and the DataDic file folder found in this location
The AccuData folder is a blank database and the DataDic folder contains all the terminology for the database

Step 4:  Paste the two files to a location of your choosing

For simplicity, we created a folder called AccuTrackDB on the Desktop in this example. However, we advise that these files be pasted to a shared path that you can connect to from any device in your domain.

Step 5:  Launch your AccuTrack application

Step 6:  From the System Admin screen select the Database option on the right-hand column

Step 7:  Click the Database Location button

Step 9:  Click Select Path and navigate to the location where you pasted the two files from Step 4 and Select the folder inside that location named accudata

Step 10:  Click Save

Step 11:   Exit out of AccuTrack and relaunch the application.  You should now be connected to your new blank database