How do I add Holidays or Days off to a Semester in AccuClass?

How do I add Holidays or Days off to a Semester in AccuClass?

Holidays can be setup in AccuClass on the Semesters.  To access this area do the following:
1. Login to AccuClass and go to "View/Edit Classes" under the Classes section on the home screen.
2. Click on the "Semesters" button at the top of this page.
3. Now click the "Days Off" option on the far right-side of the Semester you want to add the Holidays.
4. In the green box on the top-right corner it will have suggestions that you can click on to quickly add but you can click the "Add New" option on this page to create your own custom holidays.

NOTE: All classes that are assigned to this semester will be affected by these days off and will not be given the option to take attendance on those dates selected even though they are between the start and end dates of the semester.
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