Module 5 - Waiting Lines in AccuCampus

Module 5 - Waiting Lines in AccuCampus

Module 5: Waiting Lines in AccuCampus

Topic: Waiting Lines

  1. Create Wait Lines
  2. Sign-in View (Student)
  3. Manage Wait Line (Staff)

Waiting Lines

AccuCampus allows you to create wait lines for locations, specific services at a location, specific courses at a location, and specific staff members at a location. Additionally, wait lines can be made “virtual” meaning that students can add themselves to a wait line via the mobile app rather than signing in at the location itself. This allows students to better manage their time, and centers to better manage their space. Before waiting lines can be created, you must first have built locations, services, courses, and sign-in stations. 

There are some built in notifications for waiting lines; however, you can use Rules to create new or more specific notifications for your waiting lines. This could include messages for virtual waiting lines providing an estimated wait time and notifications when the center is ready for the student.

Create Wait Line

From the Main Sidebar, hover over Center Visits.

Click Waiting Lines.

Click Create Line.

Enter the Name of the line. This typically matches the location or sign-in station that the line will be associated with. It may also include the service, course or staff that the line is in regards to if Tracking Information is enabled.

Select the Location of the line.

Enter a Description of the line. We recommend being specific so that other users will understand what the line is for.

Make the line Active. This allows students to begin joining this line. This also allows staff members to begin placing students in the line.

If desired, enable Tracking Information for the line. This feature allows a location to have multiple waiting lines running at once that are differentiated by service, course or staff member. The following options are available:
Service – users will be put in the corresponding line based on the service they select when they sign-in.

Course – users will be put in the corresponding line based on the course they select when they sign in.

Staff – users will be put in the corresponding line based on the staff member they select when they sign in.

If desired, enable Remote Access. This allows users to place themselves on the waiting line virtually via the mobile app. 

Click Save.

Additionally once multiple waiting lines have been created, you can give students the ability to sign-in to multiple waiting lines at the same time. This feature is located on the main Waiting Lines page.

View (Student)

A student can join a waiting line by signing into the sign-in station at the location where the waiting line has been created. Once they go through the sign-in process, a message will display notifying them that they have been added to the waiting line and what position they are currently in.

A student can also join a waiting line virtually (if enabled) through the mobile app. 

Manage Wait Line

Next to each individual wait line, there is a Manage button. The ability to manage a waiting line is dependent on your permissions.

From this page, you are able to see all students who are currently in the waiting line.

You can view the details of their sign-in, sign the student in from the waiting line, or remove the student from the waiting line.

You can also see all students who are currently signed into the location.

You can add comments to their session log, or sign them out of the location.

And all staff members who are currently signed in to the location.

You can add comments to their session log, or sign them out of the location.

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