Upgrading to AccuTrack 2020 from an Older Database

Upgrading to AccuTrack 2020 from an Older Database

Upgrading to AccuTrack 2020 from an Older Database

The following is the recommended database upgrade procedure. You will need to follow this procedure when you upgrade your software to a higher version with a different database structures (e.g. upgrading from AccuTrack 2019, AccuTrack 2018, or older to AccuTrack 2020).  For the purpose of this procedure, we will assume you are upgrading from AccuTrack 2018 to AccuTrack 2020.

WARNING!  Now make sure all other computers running Accutrack are logged out of the database that you are attempting to upgrade.  You must be the only client computer using the AccuTrack 2020 database during this process.  The Remote Shutdown screen available via the Database node will help you verify this information.
  1. Start by Locating your AccuTrack database folder.
    The database location is the folder we want to upgrade. If you are not sure where this folder is located on your network or PC:
    1. launch AccuTrack 201X (2019, 2018, etc.),
    2. Login to go to the System Administration screen,
    3. Click on Database on the right-side menu,
    4. And then finally on Database Location.
    5. You will see the path and name of this folder (the default name is "AccuData").  Click the Show Path in the File Explorer button.

    6. Finally go one folder up above that location to view all the folders including "AccuData" that are part of the AccuTrack Database.
  2. Make a backup copy of your AccuTrack 201X (2019, 2018, etc.) database folder (e.g. AccuData). Simply right-click the folder, select copy, then paste it into a backup folder, and rename it something like "2019-AccuData" to easily find it if needed in the future.
  3. While in AccuTrack 2018 go back by clicking the Close button to get to the Database Repair utility in AccuTrack 2018. From System Administration click Database and then Repair option.
  4. Note: You are now ready to upgrade the database.
  5. Install AccuTrack 2020 using its installation USB or Digital Download you've already saved.  Here are the AccuTrack 2020 Platinum installation instructions.
  6. When the installation is finished, browse the installation folder of AccuTrack 2020 with Windows Explorer. The default installation folder for AccuTrack 2019 is:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuTrack2020 ".
  7. You will see a folder called DataDic in AccuTrack 2020 installation folder (i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuTrack2020\DataDic"). This folder contains data definitions for AccuTrack 2020 that will perform the upgrade.
  8. Copy the DataDic folder and all it's contents from the AccuTrack 2020 DataDic folder and replace the DataDic folder on the shared network drive (drive that has your AccuTrack 2018 database folder).  This process will overwrite the existing DataDic folder files which will be necessary to upgrade the database to the new AccuTrack 2020 database structure.
  9. Launch AccuTrack 2020 which by default is pointed to a sample database.  Login with the default admin credentials of 111-11-1111 and NEW to point it to the shared database folder.
    1. Click on Database on the right-side menu,
    2. And then finally on Database Location.
    3. When opening this screen you'll want to enter the shared Database Folder (or you can click the Select Path button to browse to the local database folder if not on a network drive).
    4. Click the Save button and exit the application to apply these changes.
  10. Now when you open AccuTrack 2020 again and it will detect the older version of the database that it is now connected to (which will be shown in a popup message) and let you know that it is going to upgrade it.
  11. Click Ok to continue so the software can then upgrade the database.  When this process completes it will display a message when it is finished.
    Done!  Now the upgrade process should only take a few minutes to complete.  If you do not see any errors and get a "success" message, then your database was successfully upgraded!
Note: This upgrade process only needs to be run once on each shared database.  And any other computers using the same shared database that this upgrade was performed on simply need to have you install the AccuTrack 2020 software on these computers.  Once these installs are complete then use the Database > Database Location screen to point them to the shared database folder on the network. Alternatively, you can open the install directory (i.e "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuTrack2020\") and run the SetDataPath.exe to avoid having to log in after each install.
Tip: Older versions of AccuTrack are backward compatible and can still connect to an upgraded database.  This means that you can run the installs on your timeline.  But to avoid your end-users confusing the old and new versions of AccuTrack, we recommend you uninstall any of the older versions of the software once you have AccuTrack 2020 configured and running.  To uninstall the older version simply use the Windows Add or Remove Programs utility.

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