Walk in and sign into station through the AccuCampus app

How do I walk in and sign into a center through the AccuCampus app (students)?

1. Students can sign in to stations without having to log into a kiosk, this can be done directly from the AccuCampus app. First open the AccuCampus app from your smartphone device. ( Note: The app is available from both the Apple and Android app store) 


2. From the app home screen, left-hand side tap on the tri-bar to expand side menu. Scroll down and tap on Sign-in Station


3. Once you have selected Sign-in Station a list of available stations will appear. (Note: In the upper right corner there is a 10-minute time interval for signing into a station)  

4. Select the sign-in station you wish to log into.

5. Follow the onscreen prompts based on that station. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm sign in. After you do, a message will appear on top confirming the sign-in was successful.

Signing Out of the Station 

6. To sign out, go back to the Sign-in Station page. A red arrow will now appear next to the station the student is signed into. Tap on the station.

7. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the sign-out. After you do, a message will appear confirming the sign-out was successful.