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            Accudemia: How do I setup a different ID Mask than the default one used?

            Accudemia allows you to choose an ID number mask for your college IDs. By default, Accudemia uses the social security number format (999-99-9999).

            1. Log into Accudemia.

            2. Click Administration.

            3. Click Control Panel.

            4. Click User Accounts.

            5. Enter the User ID Mask you need to match your student ID format under the Account Information section.

            Use the following characters to represent the alphanumeric format of your college's ID number. 

            • 9 = to represent any number
            • L = to represent any letter
            • $ = to represent any letter and blanks/spaces
            • # = to represent any number and blanks/spaces
            • C = to represent custom characters (see note below)
            • A = to represent any letter and custom (see note below)
            • N = to represent any number and custom (see note below)
            • ? = to represent any digit and blanks/spaces 
            • These custom characters are accepted: dash (-), period (.), comma (,), slash (/) and backslash (\)
            If you want include a mask character 'as is', you can do it by preceding it with a backslash. ie. \? will display ?
            To repeat a mask character multiple times, put the number of repetitions between curly braces. For example, ?{15} will behave exactly the same as ???????????????
            If the mask is left blank, absolutely anything should be accepted.

            Additional information can be found in the Accudemia Documentation under Website Settings.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2019 04:12 AM
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