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            Accudemia: How can I give Tutors the ability to manage the Intake System Waiting List?

            This article will explain how to give Tutors/Advisers the ability to manage the Intake System Waiting List by editing their role.

            1. Login with your System Admin account at the http:/<mycollege> website. Replace the <mycollege> with your domain.

            2. Click Administration.

            3. Click User Accounts.

            4. Click Advisers.

            5. Search for an Adviser and select them in the list.  Once selected click the edit button.

            6. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Security section. Click System User to add this role.

            7. Scroll to the top of the page and click User Roles

            8. Search for the permission called Intake System Administrator by either navigating through the pages, or by typing it into the search box. Check the permission to apply it to the role. 

            9. If desired,
             limit users' scope to just one center, or allow them to use the role across the institution.

            10. Click Save Changes to complete this process.  Repeat as needed for each tutor needing access to the Intake System.

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