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            Accudemia 7.0: How can I help manage the Waiting Line or Student Intake System?

            You may want the ability to manage the Center's visitors waiting in line in the Student Intake System in your school's Accudemia account so that you can assign a Student to yourself to begin working with them or assign the Student to another Tutor so they can begin working with them.  This is not something that is given to all Tutor Accounts by default so you'll want to contact your Center Administration to let them know you need this level of access in Accudemia.  If they decide that they want to give you access to this feature because you are a Lead Tutor or just because it is something that you need to be able to manage then they can give this permission to you individually.  Please provide them with this short guide on how to enable this option on your account:
            Admin Guide - How to give a Tutor the ability to Manage the Waiting Line (or any other specific aspect of Accudemia)?

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