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            Accudemia: How do I assign a scope to a System User?

            Within Accudemia, you are able to further refine the role a user has been given by assigning them a scope. This means that the user's permissions for the role will be restricted to a specific location. Only one scope may be selected.

            1. Log into Accudemia.

            2. Select Administration from the Main Menu on the left hand side.

            3. Select User Accounts.

            4. Select All Accounts.

            5. Search for the user by entering the User ID or Name of the user.

            6. Select the user and click Edit.

            7. At the bottom of the page, check the user's role to ensure that it is System User.  If they are not, check the checkbox next to System User.  You can also choose a security role if needed or leave it set to "Custom" which is no added permissions by default.

            8.  Click User Roles at the top of the page.

            9. Choose a scope for the user.

            10. Click Save Changes.

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