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            Accudemia - How do I inactivate all the Students in my account quickly?

            1. Login to Accudemia with your Admin credentials.

            2. Click Administration.

            3. Click Advanced.

            4. Click Import.

            5. Download and install the ADX import/export tool.

            6. Click Export.

            7. Click Students to download a .CSV file of all students.

            8. In the Active column, change each record to read either "0", "FALSE" or "No."

            9. Save the CSV file.

            10. Open the ADX and log in.

            11. Click New Import Job.

            12. Select the
            .CSV file. Click Next.

            13. Set the Student's User ID and the Student's Active drop-down to their proper mappings as shown:

            14. Click
            Next until you get to the Finish option.

            15. Click Run job now!. All students will now be set as Inactive.

            Updated: 18 Nov 2018 10:31 PM
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