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            AccuTrack/AccuSQL: How do I update my tutors reports access in the software?

            To give your Tutors and other Access Groups more report access or restore the reports that they have access to do the following:
            1. Login to AccuTrack/AccuSQL using your Admin login credentials.
            2. Now on the right-side menu click on the System Access section.
            3. In the System Access section you will now click on the Reports Access button in the middle of the screen.  In this section you'll click on each of the Access Groups on the left that you want to see what reports they have access to in AccuTrack/AccuSQL.
            4. Now select on the "Tutors" Access Group and then click the Edit button.
            5. Now simply click each report that they should have access to run in AccuTrack/AccuSQL in the list on the right.
            6. Finally click the Save button on the left to complete this process.
            Note:  This list should only include the Tutors and any custom Access Group because the Root Admin group automatically has access to all reports.

            Updated: 20 May 2019 11:52 PM
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