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            AccuTrack/AccuSQL: How to Use the Reports Center

            Step 1:      
            Click on the Reports Center console

            Step 2:      
            Select the Period in the lower left-hand corner. Click the thumbtack to lock down the selected Period
            Select a Report category from the Standard tab in the upper left-hand corner


            Step 3:
            Hover over a report for a short description of the report Purpose

            Step 4:
            Change the view from Column Mode to List Mode using the radio button in the upper right-hand corner
            Hover over a report in List Mode for details such as Purpose, Available Filters, Display Options, Grouped By, Order, and full Description

            Step 5:       
            Choose a Report and Click on the Zoom button
            The Zoom button is available in Column Mode view and List Mode view


            Step 6:     
            To the right-hand of this screen, you will see Filters, Time Format, and Report Options 
            Any Filters that cannot be applied will be grayed out 

            Step 7:      
            To the left-hand of the screen you will see an image of the report you Zoomed in on
            Click on the image of the report to see the Purpose, Available Filters, Display Options, Grouped By, Order, and Description
            Click X to exit this view                                               

            Step 8:      
                                                                                            Click on the descriptions below to see how each button works               

            Updated: 28 Jan 2019 05:54 AM
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