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            AccuTrack/AccuSQL: Set Tutor Schedule

            Click on Users console 

            Click on Tutors 

            Select Tutor
            Click Edit 
            Set Start Date and End Date (usually set to match beginning and end of semester)

            Click Save

            Click Tutor Schedule

            Select the schedule titled REGULAR

            Click Edit

            As applicable, select blocks of time from the Schedule As section:

             Exclusive Only - Tutor will meet one-on-one with student

             Group Only - Tutor will only meet with student group

             Both - Tutor will meet one-on-one and with groups

             None - no blocks of time selected for any type of activity

             Off Time - Tutor is not available to meet

            Next, select an option from the Schedule For section:

             No specific activity or service - the tutor will be available to meet for all tutoring courses offered

             Specific Activity - the tutor will only be available for the selected Activity

             Specific Service - the tutor will only be available for the selected Service

            Click Save

            Updated: 16 Jan 2019 06:02 AM
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