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            AccuTrack: Upgrading to Web Gateway 2019 and Updating IIS (Internet Information Services)

            When you are upgrading from Web Gateway 2018 (or older) to Web Gateway 2019, you will only have to install and setup the new software, as well as make a quick change to IIS on the server hosting the site.
            Follow the instructions below, and then also make sure to make the make the appropriate changes to IIS. 


            Step 1:      Install Web Gateway MVC 

            Setting the Database Locations

            This will be setup the same way it is configured in the older version of Web Gateway

            Step 1:      Go to C:\WebGatewayMVC19\ClientBin. and Run SetDataLocation.exe

            Step 2:      Click on New

            Step 3:    Click No for a Native connection

            Step 4:      Fill out the Native Database Location information and Click Save
            You can set up multiple local labs by following Steps 1 - 5 of Setting the Database Locations

            Setting the Email Server Connections

            This will be setup the same way it is configured in the older version of Web Gateway

            Step 1:      Go to C:\WebGatewayMVC19\ClientBin and Run GetEmailSettings.exe

            Step 2:      Fill out the email server connection information and Click Save

            Email server connection information will be used to email appointment confirmations to students and/or tutors when appointments are scheduled (or cancelled) using Web Gateway.

            Step 3:      Close out of the application by Clicking the X on the upper-right hand corner.

            Updating the Application in Internet Information Services (IIS)

            Step 1:

            Launch IIS and expand Sites >> expand Default Web Site >> select Web Gateway site >> Click Basic Settings

            Step 2:      

            Set the Physical path to the root folder on which Web Gateway MVC19 was installed. 
            Click Test Settings.

            You may get this pop-up after clicking Test Settings:
            You should see all green check-marks
            Click Close

            Click OK

            Step 7:      Select the Connection and Click Browse *:80 (http)

            Step 8:     You can begin using Web Gateway 2019

            Updated: 27 Feb 2019 03:40 AM
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