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            AccuCampus Ad Hoc Reports FAQ

            AccuCampus Ad Hoq Reports FAQ

            What is an Ad Hoc Report?: 

            Ad Hoq Reports allow for customizable graphical interfaces, and can connect AccuCampus data with data from other silos, such as an Oracle database. Basic knowledge of Amazon Quicksight is required to build Ad Hoq Reports.

            How do I learn Quicksight for Ad Hoq Reports?: 

            The AccuCampus team is not able to provide an in-depth tutorial on SQL language for Ad Hoq Reports. However, Amazon has several resources available:

            Who should manage these features?:
            Engineerica can only provide one person per account access to Amazon Quicksight. We recommend choosing an individual to manage both Ad Hoq Queries and Reports (or one person for Reports and several for Queries) who is familiar with AccuCampus and has a high enough security clearance at the institution to be able to handle sensitive data. The user or users should have training in SQL and Quicksight.

            When should I use a report? 

            Ad Hoc Reports are useful when you need to run more complex reports, create graphs, or combine data from different silos.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 03:26 AM
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