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            Conference Tracker - How do I mass upload Operators?

            To mass upload operators, they must be imported into the system using a CSV file. CSV files are a file type used by spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Microsoft Excel is recommended, and will be used in this example.

            1. Create a new spreadsheet
            2. Create these headings: FirstName, MiddleInitial, LastName, and Email
            Optionally, these headers can also be created if this information is needed within the attendee profile: CardNumber, City, State, Address, ZipCode, PhoneNumber, Title, Company, CompanyDescription, CompanyEmail, CompanyPhoneNumber, CompanyStreetAddress, CompanyCity, CompanyState, CompanyZipCode, CompanyContactFirstName, CompanyContactMiddleName, CompanyContactLastName, CustomField1, CustomField2, CustomField3, CustomField4, CustomField5

            Make sure the headers are typed exactly as they are shown, as this can cause problems during the import process.
            3. Complete the spreadsheet according to the headers created using the operator information
            4. Click File
            5. Click Save As
            6. Use the drop down menu next to Save As Type and select CSV (Comma Delimited)
            7. Name the file and click Save
            8. From the Conference Tracker Home page, click Import Data under Advanced Options
            9. Using the drop down menu next to What do you want to import select Operators
            10. Click Upload a File
            11. From the File Explorer, find the attendee CSV file that was created
            12. Select the file and click Ok
            13. The job will begin running. Wait until the Upload Successful message appears before leaving the page
            Updated: 20 Sep 2018 06:35 AM
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