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            Conference Tracker - How do I print on-site badges using a Dymo Labelwriter?

            Before following these steps, please make sure the badge design that will be printed is using the 4"x3" On-Site Printer template. Also, make sure that the badge design only takes up the top 3/4 of the canvas. The bottom 1/4 of the canvas will NOT be printed.

            1. From the Home page, click on Print under Badges
            2. Choose the badge design that will be printed using the drop down menu next to Badge Design
            3. Click Generate All Badges
            4. After the job has completed, click on View Badges
            5. From the PDF viewer on the web browser, click on the Print icon
            6. Make sure the printer is set to the Dymo Labelwriter
            7. Click on Properties
            8. Click on Advanced
            9. Using the drop down menu next to Paper Size, select  30857 Badge Label
            10. Click Ok, then Ok again
            11. Click Ok once more to print the badge

            Once these settings have been set for the first badge, the settings do not need to be changed for the subsequent badges. Every badge after the first can be printed as normal.

            Updated: 20 Sep 2018 12:30 AM
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