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            Accudemia: How can I get support, find help, or learn more about my settings?

            Option 1 - Online Resources

            There are multiple resources available via the Engineerica website. These include the reference manual, the blog, webinars and the User Voice to provide feedback for Accudemia. 

            1. Navigate to

            2. Select Accudemia in the Solutions menu.

            3. Click Support.

            4. Links to all of the support resources are provided.

            Direct Links:

            Option 2 - Search Help

            1. From the homepage, click Online Help in the top right corner.

            2. Type in your question to search the Knowledge Base.

            Option 3 - Create a Support Ticket

            NOTE: This option is only available for the technical contact(s) for your institution. If you believe you should have access to this feature, contact your center administrator.

            1. From the homepage, click Online Help in the top right corner.

            2. Click Create Support Ticket.

            3. Enter the issue that you need assistance with.

            Remember to include exact details and screenshots if possible. This helps your support representative assist you as quickly as possible.

            4. If desired, include context information or authorize the support team member helping you to access the data on your account.

            5. Click Create Ticket. A support representative should contact you shortly.

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