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            How can I add a reason for my student leaving class today in AccuClass?

            1. Login to using your admin/instructor login.
            2. From the Home screen click the Roll Call option under the Attendance section
            3. First choose a Date, then pick from the available Class Sessions for that date, and click the Roll Call button.
            4. On this Roll Call screen if you want to add a note to a Student that swiped out during the class session click the Add Notes link on the end of their record as shown below:
            5. Now you'll be able to add any information about that student's session you want to note.
            6. And when done simply click off the textbox or hit enter to have it display on the Student's Roll Call for that day.  This should also be available for reporting later as well.

              If you need to change the note you can simply click on it again and update it.
            If this is something that occurs regularly and they will be out the entire session you could also add this as an available Attendance Status for easy "one-click" assignment in AccuClass.  To learn more visit the following section of our AccuClass Documentation:
            Updated: 14 Jul 2017 12:47 AM
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